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Rosa Whipple, NH

"Keala's intuitive wisdom is truly a gift! The reading provided me with clarity and a deeper understanding of both myself and my business. Through Keala's insights, I gained a clear perspective on the needs of my business and maintaining a balance between putting in effort and being open to receiving. Through her expert guidance, I also learned to ground myself more effectively. I am grateful for the invaluable wisdom and insights Keala brought to my reading. I highly recommend scheduling your reading today!"

Susanah Robbins, CA

Keala's class on grounding and chakra cleansing was so helpful. I do this now daily and it helps when I'm feeling unsettled. It also is a practice I do before I see a client and I find that it opens a pathway for being in resonance with my client. I highly recommend this class.

Jesse F., Canada

“My hypnosis birthing sessions with Keala were exactly what my birth plan was missing. She tailored my hypnosis sessions to my needs, concerns and life experiences in a way that gave me really accessible tools and pathways for deep relaxation, coping with pain and rolling with the unexpected! Keala is incredibly caring, listens attentively and adapts her program to you ... and she has a great sense of humor along the way! I felt really strong, confident and grounded going into labor because of her support, and many of the practices have been helpful in other situations, too! I highly recommend her sessions!"

Team Tam, CA

(High School Teachers)

Thanks for leading a wonderful session for out team today! We walked away felling relaxed and ready for the week ahead! Thanks for taking the time to provide us with such a great resource for stress management! We appreciate you!

Ziheng, CA

"Keala's ability to connect with and understand a client's energy is truly remarkable. What struck me the most was her authenticity and sincere approach to each session. It felt as if she delved into my soul, addressing questions and concerns that had been lingering for years. Keala's psychic readings were incredibly accurate, providing insights that touched the very core of my being. Her guidance helped me connect the dots and find answers on a higher level. I can't express how grateful I am for the profound impact she has had on my life. If you are seeking clarity, healing, or answers to life's questions, I wholeheartedly recommend Keala. Her unique abilities and genuine caring nature make her a truly exceptional psychic and healer!

"I was really happy to connect and discover Keala’s gift of reading energy for my business.  As a creative, intuitive and channel , I have been feeling held back to articulate what I really do for my clients. I had spent many trainings and hours finding the right words to convey and present the value and the results, menopausal empath sensitive women, healers and leaders can have working with me. During my session , I could feel the energy of my business lighting up, as if she was helping me to disconnect from other people’s thoughts, have to,   and models about business that was between me and my business . It felt like my relationship with my business was more clear and connected to what is true for me. The next day , new awareness came in , I was able to write my offer in details describing results and value with more joy, confidence and excitement.  Thank you so much Keala , in one session with you I feel that you helped me clear what was in the way to share what I do and really provide . I now can show up and share my unique contribution to women ready to receive the support they need to feel vibrant and whole as they counsciously navigate menopause.  I do feel your gift in reading my business, clearing and aligning energy will help many other women."

Nathalie Bédard, Canada

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