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Ground, Connect & Meditate

 This 6-week journey you'll learn techniques consisting of grounding, maintaining your energetic space, and releasing and creating on an energy level. In addition, guided meditation exercises will center you and strengthen your connection to your source. This foundational class is tailored for anyone, whether you are new to meditation, progressing to advance healing techniques, or simply wanting to harness and protect your energy. It is especially beneficial for highly-sensitive individuals and practitioners seeking to fortify their energetic boundaries. Join me in mastering your energy and experiencing a deep calm and empowerment. Let’s journey together towards a more centered and fulfilled life. Enrollment includes an Intuitive Reading offering valuable insights for your well-being. This a great class with lots of information.

Intuitive Reading Program

Join our intuitive reading and healing program, ideal for individuals eager to develop their skills. Dive into the art of intuitive readings and healing techniques with comprehensive instruction and hands-on practice. Whether you're new to intuitive arts or seeking to deepen your practice, our program offers valuable insights and practical tools for personal and professional growth. Join us as we empower you to unlock your innate healing potential."

Group Hypnosis Sessions

Invite me to facilitate stress management sessions tailored to your corporation, educational institution, or group. Experience the benefits of group hypnosis sessions designed to help participants release stress and find inner calm. Perfect for all levels, including beginners and experienced practitioners. Let's work together towards a more centered and fulfilled life.

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